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Playtech ONE Mobile Slot Games Online Malaysia

Playtech is an online gambling software developer with its headquarters located on the Isle of Man, off the shores of Britain. It is among the premier companies in the game and a reputable one as well. This company provides online casinos with slot machines and other casino games while having its own casinos set-up at different landed properties and on the Internet. Playtech does even more than just serving casinos. It is an all-round solution provider as far as gambling is concerned with interests in live dealer games, poker games, sports betting, lotteries, arcade games, and more.

However, even with this massive coverage of the gambling industry, Playtech is firmly rooted in slot games. Slot games make up around 70% of their dealings; if you call it their forte, you are so correct. So we will be talking about the slot games Playtech has to offer, but first, everything has a story  and the same applies to this gambling company.

The History of Playtech

This company was founded in 1999. However, online services started later, in 2001, when games were released for play on the Internet. Since then, Playtech has transformed to rub shoulders with the biggest names providing gaming software online. Some top players in the industry employ PlayTech’s services in their operations. Some of them are :

  • Bet 365
  • William Hill

Playtech was brought afloat by Teddy Sagi, who later sold his stake in the company for $250 million in 2008. After power changed hands, PlayTech went on an acquisition spree, taking up assets in some companies or indulging in a complete takeover. The companies affiliated, in one way or the other, with Playtech are :

  • Poker
  • Aristocrat Lotteries
  • YoYo Games
  • QuickSpin

These acquisitions have resulted in a massive expansion beyond the lonely island—Isle of Man—and PlayTech has about 5,000 employees spread across different countries

In the early years, Playtech featured original themed games only. During those times, there were no funds sufficient for  payments to obtain licensed properties. With the massive growth recently, PlayTech is hot on the heels of Intellectual Property licenses. The addition of these licensed themes to its generic games has helped the company to provide a diverse selection of slot games for gamblers.

Intellectual property licenses have a strong presence in slot games. It is typical of gaming software companies to adopt a widely acclaimed movie, book, show, or brand and make a slot game out of it. These slot games are then readily made available both on land-based casinos or online casino games malaysia, pooling together a lot of players with similarly hiked interest or, perhaps, inquisitiveness in the themes. The licenses give permission for adaptation.

Fortunately, Playtech has many of them in its collection.

Playtech Slot Games

Slot games come in different kinds. As stated earlier, they may be put together purely by creative minds or licensed after popular brands, books, or movies. In this vein, PlayTech gives its customers’ slot games of varying types as well.

Playtech Slot Machine Games Based on Movies

  • Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. This exciting 1994 movie has placed Jim Carrey’s name on the lips of many TV viewers. What more?—the slot game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win.
  • Gladiator. For the delight to the eyes, this movie grabbed the Best Picture award in the year 2000. Gladiator is an epic movie and the game reflects this attribute, untainted.
  • KING KONG. Why not! Can viewers ever get tired of it? Since the first release of King Kong, a lot more versions have followed. King Kong forever remains the monstrous iconic hero on the screens. This game, however, singles out the 2005 Peter Jackson version for adaptation.
  • Monty Pythin’s Spamalot. Spamalot is based on a song from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There are so many bonus rounds to dabble into on it. The melody in the background sweetly accompanies the switching scenes deduced from the movie, ensuring players have a fun playing time.
  • Rocky. Duck! Jab! If you have watched any of the movies of the series, you will reminisce about the many boxing affairs with the game. You can get in on the fun too and exchange blows in the ring with Rocky’s opponents like Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed, and Clubber Lang. Rocky is based on Sylvester Stalone’s popular movie franchise “Creed”. The game is a 25 paylines slot consisting of 5 reels. There are two bonus rounds, and a chance to double winnings upon a successful spin. Another feature available can also reward you with five times your total bet—that is huge, depending on your stake though.
  • The Mummy. Not your regular mummy, this is surrounding the preserved bodies of Pharaohs. Many other slot machines are based on Egyptian themes and even mummy themes in particular, but this is linked to a film. The 1999 film The Mummy sees actor Brendan Frazier and actress Rachel Weisz feature. There are also slot games about Marilyn Monroe and James Wayne.

Playtech Slot Games Based on Marvel Comics

As it seems, Playtech has a contract with exclusive rights to conjure games based on Marvel movies. Honestly, they are as giving them a section warrants—13 in all! We will go through a few, anyway.

  • GHOST RIDER. Remember the blazing man who goes all God of War on his bike? Yes! the beloved Ghost Rider. In comparison to the comic strip, the movies didn’t do enough justice. The game is not mind-blowing either, but something to reconnect with the plot is fine.
  • THE AVENGERS. The greatest heroes join forces to fight against a deadly threat. A couple of movies from the stables of Marvel have culminated in this masterpiece of a storyline. Above all, the slot game is one to try out. It has 4 progressive jackpots that get triggered at random.
  • X-MEN. This was the MOVIE that involved joint forces for years until The Avengers surfaced. X-men has not been fazed, anyway. For the love of its undying fans, it has a slot game now; a chance to relish the heroics of these children of the atom. Other Playtech games in this section include Wolverine, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Blade, Captain America, and Elektra.

Playtech Slots Based on TV Shows

  • BAYWATCH. Baywatch has been around for long and has a knack for keeping viewers’ eyes glued to their TV screen. The game is alluring and its popularity will soar when the soon-to-be-released sequel is out.
  • THE LOVE BOAT. This movie was produced basically for the older generation. Younger folks can also get some entertainment with it. This game can be played by all. The Love Boat is a ready slot to relive the moments from the show.
  • THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. A show aimed at the younger population, the Six Million Dollar Man came to life before the Love Boat. Many of Steve Austin’s fans are probably in their 50s now.

Playtech’s Generic Themes

Again, PlayTech got into intellectual properties some years after commencing producing slot games. So, they still have a wide variety of slot games to call their own.

  • AGE OF THE GODS. If you have come across a board or video game tagged “Age of Empires”, the Age of the Gods is a replica of it. Just like the former, this has a sequel called Age of the Gods: Furious 4.
  • ALCHEMIST’S LAB. The likeness to this one lies in its unusuality. It is common to go treasure hunting in many gambling games, but it is rare to have them delve into alchemy and pseudoscience.
  • ATLANTIS QUEEN. “Atlantis, under the sea” —a line from Alan Walker’s Faded gives you a hint of what this is about. This game is among the many games about ancient cultures. However, Atlantis Queen is easily captivating since little is known about the rumored underwater city.
  • Bermuda Triangle. This game holds similar thrills as the Atlantis Queen, and its designers were likely staunch fans of the 70’s show, In Search Of.
  • CAPTAIN’S TREASURE. Loaded with enticing animations, Captain’s Treasure is a game you should fiddle with.
  • CHINESE KITCHEN. An Asian country for a slot game sounds very fitting. It is common knowledge that the continent has a cultural affinity for luck. Already spelled out, this is a walkthrough of Chinese dishes.

 Some other sole Playtech slot games are :

  • Chippendales
  • Cops n Bandits
  • Crazy 7
  • Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra
  • Desert Treasure
  • Diamond Valley
  • Dr. Livermore
  • Football Carnival.

In all, Playtech has almost 100 slot games void of any external agreements.

Playtech’s One Online Platform

Playtech tries to bring the ease of playing on land to the online betting space. This move is regardless of the game content, the location where the games are played, or the devices used. The gaming experience remains intact. You also can playing many card games like blackjack online in Playtech Casino.

Playtech One has made solutions in the following ways;

A Single Wallet for a User

This facilitates the quick, unhindered transfer of funds in and out of the games purse. The single wallet protocol is regulated by anti-fraud Tools, responsible gaming guidelines, and other forms of compliance.

Content Availability

All products and services on Playtech are accessible at any location and on any device.

Personalization and Communication

Driven by a stable data connection, players can enjoy a bespoke experience. This involves real-time communication during play, about earnings, and concerning promotions.


Every process on the online platform works efficiently to supply information and enhance gaming.

Playtech Slot APK Download

The slot games hub is readily available for download online. It has two versions: one that allows gaming with real money and another that can only be played with virtual money. With stable internet connectivity, both versions can be easily downloaded. You can then proceed to supply information in registration form BBD like email address, home address, phone number, and the currency you wish to gamble with. Once the verification process is completed, you are good to play!


Playtech slots brings all the fun in their slot games and rolls out new ones regularly so sticking with the brand is worthwhile. It is important to note, however, that Playtech restricts casinos using their software from accepting real money from players in the United States. So, if you are a real money slot player residing in the US, look elsewhere. Besides this rather taunting obstacle, PlayTech is a worthwhile option for slot games.