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Ezugi Live Dealer Casino Games Malaysia

Ezugi casino is a casino software operator founded in 2012 by dedicated, passionate, and most importantly vastly experienced veterans who know the ins and outs of the gambling world. It is a Tel Aviv based company operating a license issued to them by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. EZUGI specializes exclusively in live casino games like; Blackjack, Roulette, Bet on Numbers, Casino Hold’em, and Keno.

Casino online mobile Malaysia has been a preferred choice of past time and even hobby for centuries. Ancient artifacts and paintings discovered by archeologists have been shown to depict the Greek and Roman empires as avid gamblers who like to play games like “tail and head” using coins and shells, betting on animal and gladiator fights.

Fast forward to the year 2021 and casino gambling and asian bookies football has remained a mainstay in the gaming world with a plethora of choices of developers for you to choose from, from the comfort of your home.

Ezugi History and Additional Information

The online casino game developer presently offers 20 dealer games on its live casino platform that are streamed from over 9 studios. Ezugi is a partner of over 100 casino operators all around the globe, and with a staff of 200+ professionals, it provides 24/7 services concurrently running 70 tables and other requested private tables. Casinos that utilize the Ezugi gaming experience include:

  • BBD
  • Golden Palace
  • Golden nugget
  • Dublinbet

Its public studios for live casino games are located in Bulgaria, Latvia, Colombia, and Romania, while, its private studios which provide a more unique brand-focused experience are located in Latvia and Romania.

Tables Offered On the Ezugi Online Casino Platform

Ezugi Live Blackjack

The live 21 Blackjack seats a standard 7 players but allows for an infinite number of bets behind. Background betters can choose to double as the player doubles, also split as the player splits and decide to either purchase insurance following the player or decline to take it.

The blackjack also features optional games like Perfect pair and 21+3 side bets. The 21+3 side bets are a combination of 3-card poker and Blackjack, paying up to 100:1.

At additional features like Casino extra, you can bet as low as €1. Another optional feature, Ezugi’s hybrid Blackjack, allows unlimited participants to bet behind the players, the Live Blackjack is surely a rollercoaster of fun.

Ezugi Live Casino Hold’em

The live casino Hold’em makes provisions of a single card deck which all participants place their bets on. Broadcasted from the Ezugi studio located in Eastern Europe, It also boasts an unlimited number of players allowed at a time. With an easy to operate interface and viewed live and digitally displayed cards, placing bets is a breeze.

There are also provisions for optional bets for a pair of aces or higher, which even if won by the dealer pay between 7:1 to a whooping 100:1! Nice odds right?

Ezugi Live Roulette

This is a European-style betting game with a single zero the house has an advantage of 2.7%. Multiple games can be played at the same time with an additional HD camera to make it three rather than 2. This makes the game appear more immersive and provides a more wholesome gaming experience.

Table limits at Casino extra range between €0.1 to €2,000 and the Live Auto Roulette play without a dealer but a high-tech, 100% automated wheel which gives the game a more authentic feel than those played using RNG.

Ezugi Live Keno

The Ezugi live Keno game is held at the Ezugi Latvia studio. Keno game is a classic where 20 balls are drawn out of a total of 80 balls. Players place bets with the help of a list generated automatically by a computer before a round begins, this list is usually located at the bottom half of the screen.

Players can bet on a maximum of 8 balls by picking numbers or making use of the Auto Pick button. In the Keno casino game, results and winnings are displayed on the right side of the screen until the commencement of the next round.

Ezugi Live Bet on Numbers

This is a lottery-style game streamed in real-time directly from the Ezugi studio located in the Baltic. On-screen live games take place every 4-6 minutes where a number of 6 balls are drawn.

There is an offering for players to bet on a combination of 36 numbers, this could be by picking 1-4 individual numbers, white or red color, and, the sum of numbers. A player who successfully guesses at least 4 out of 6 numbers wins a payout of 2000:1! Multiple tickets can also be purchased to increase your chances of winning.

Ezugi Auto Sic Bo

Live Auto Sic Bo streams 24/7 from the Belgium Ezugi Studio without a designated dealer. Unlike the Sic Bo of other online casino developers, Ezugi’s Auto Sic Bo draws winnings by the use of 3 wheels, number 1-6, and 48 different sections. The betting options in this Auto Sic Bo remain the same as those of the classic game.

Ezugi Live Baccarat

The standard live Baccarat game makes provisions for an unlimited number of players, features extra statistics, and classic roadmaps. It also offers optional side bets like Perfect pair, Banker and Player pair, Big pair, Small pair, and Either pair. Ezugi offers arguably the fastest range of Live Baccarat games, they include:

  • Live Dragon Tiger: It is a 2-card game whereby single cards are drawn to both the Dragon and Tiger, players are then prompted to bet on which will be highest. It also features side bets like Suit, Big/Small, and Odd/Even. Bets at Casino Extra range between €0.5 to €2,000.
  • Knockout Baccarat: This involves a collection of 7 different side bets including Natural Win Banker/Player that cashes out at 4:1 and Winning total which pays between 2:1 and 7:1.
  • Baccarat Super 6: It is a variant which offers slightly different payouts and the Super 6 side delivering 12:1 for a bet totaling on 6 for a winning banker. It also provides additional feature games like the Baccarat Dragon bonus which is a standard game with an optional Banker and Player bonus side bet.

When you bet on a hand with a higher natural point count or if the winning hand is 4+ points higher than the losing hand, you win. With a higher margin, your potential payout increases.

Ezugi Software

With highly skilled and experienced developers at the helm of its development, the Ezugi online casino software is far more advanced than its age suggests. Being only 7 years old was never a hindrance to the development of a fully functional and effective software that provides you with a real-time gaming experience for your pleasure.

Intending to extend its list, the software presently offers 15 games, namely: Blackjack bet behind, Auto split, OTT Roulette, Live Roulette, Keno, Bet on Numbers, Auto Roulette, Hybrid Blackjack, Baccarat, Knockout Baccarat, Baccarat Super 6, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat Dragon Bonus, Blackjack, Unlimited 21 Blackjack and Casino Hold’em like poker online malaysia.

OTT Roulette offers a unique gaming experience with its combination of online and land-based players in the same round. Although the interaction between both groups is prohibited due to policy, the cameras are placed at angles that provide ample view for both land and online players. The Ezugi online casino provides you with real-time live streaming, high-quality cameras, lights, and equipment to ensure a first class gaming experience.

Ezugi API Integration

With word-class standard studios in a host of countries including Belgium, Costa Rica, and Cambodia, Ezugi developers provide the best service to businesses all around the world. The online Casino offers multiple languages and offers uniques services like On-demand live music.

Ezugi online casino is mobile-compatible software that integrates seamlessly with your device with its latest 11 live casino provider.

Ezugi Key Staff

  • Kfir Kugler – CEO
  • Gilad Ben-Ami – COO
  • Craig Luke – B2B Account Director
  • Pang Goh – Business Development Director

Features of Ezugi Casino Game

  • Easily to use and interactive interface
  • High functioning and mobile accessible
  • High roller bonuses, welcome bonuses, and other promo features
  • State of the art streaming technology and multiple viewing HD cameras
  • Live Music on Demand
  • Optimized simultaneous betting
  • Social Media integration
  • Unique games available

Language Available

Ezugi casino recently launched the ‘Lounge Roulette’, which is a casino game played in a library setting it is hosted exclusively by Croupiers of Turkish descent. Languages available on the Ezugi live platform are :

  1. English
  2. Turkish
  3. Spanish

Every game that is non-English on the Lobby has a flag indicating the language spoken at the specific table.

Ezugi FAQ

Who is Ezugi?

Ezugi is an online gambling service founded in 2012 that provides a high-quality gaming experience surpassing its age and bring you unique games and odds that you will find nowhere else.

Is Ezugi a licensed game provider?

Ezugi online gambling services are all provided under the supervision of the CELA and are verified by ItechLabs, BMM, SCG Bulgaria, and RSG Eclipse.

Is Ezugi online casino compatible with my mobile phone?

The Ezugi software runs on HTML5 and Flash, so it is compatible with all devices and provides a seamless experience on either of them.

Is the Ezugi online casino a one-game-at-a-time platform?

The Ezugi gaming software has a unique feature of supporting simultaneous bets. This means you can bet as much and frequently as you want using the software.