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Evolution Gaming Malaysia | Best Mobile Live Casino Games

Evolution Gaming is one of the most successful live casino online today. The company has managed to stay ahead of a crowded market as the gaming platform with the most original games and tables for players. Evolution Gaming is not only synonymous with Malta but pushed the boundary into having a stronghold in Europe and the United States. With a variety of online casino games under their belt, the company is replicating live casino scene from their numerous studios to players around the globe.

Live casinos are gaining prevalence in many countries around the world, and developers are looking to tap into this market and give online enthusiasts the best platforms. In countries like Asia, Europe, and even North America, live casinos have successfully garnered more respect and players to keep real casinos in the business. Over the years, it has not only become the choice for a majority of casino lovers but the only choice for them.

To keep the atmosphere attractive and booming, these casinos are designed and operated like real casino online malaysia with live betting and live dealers too. In fact, it is even more interactive and fun than a regular casino. However, because they are online casinos, they have taken a step further to create automated scenes. This allows for computer-generated graphics, rolls, winnings, and game boards to hasten the process. This injects real fun and brought in more people.

Furthermore, as hugely popular are their casino games, Evolution Gaming uses live streaming high-definition video feed to showcase their casino games. This produces high quality and super clear images that players can immediately connect with. Their sound quality is also exceptional, enabling players to interact with the live dealers without any hiccups or lags in transmission.

Today live casino is a significant part of many people’s lives. Evolution Gaming played a role in polishing the system and bringing excitement, fun, and connectivity using technology and innovation. Despite being the top gun of the live casino industry, the company still pushes the boundaries to create better games and interactive platforms for gamers.

So if you are looking for a stable site to play speed blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more, you know where to come. So how did this company come into being?

How Evolution Gaming Started

Live casinos began in 1990, and since then, every gaming platform that has graced this gaming sector of the industry is building on what is there or making drastic transformations. Decades ago, the scene was poorly transmitted, the network was terrible, and only a single person could play on a table. Furthermore, when 2 or more people played, the communication was distorted, and the game lacked the excitement of a real casino.

Fast forward, 16 years later, a new online casino gaming platform was born. It erupted into the live casino industry with something different for everyone. It has the creativity, the skills, the team, and the technology to pursue a seamless market for consumers. It polished the current gaming sector and made an existing platform look like child’s play.

Evolution gaming was that platform born in 2006 but was prepared to take the market by the horns. Now, it should not be forgotten that others were providing live casino games before them. They brought spice, pizzazz, and elegance to live online casino games. From a small group of Asians, they are everywhere today.

Evolution Gaming tackled the hardware and software of online games. Their broadband speed was high and smooth; the software was mobile compatible and interface friendly. That was not it; they had a 24/7 support system and employed the latest technology and creativity to make the best games.

Evolution Gaming’s vision was to replicate live casino online with a real-life experience. They went into it with all they had in their arsenal. They invested time, skills, talents, and creativity into the games. This passion brought them into the limelight, and by 2007, big clients, including PartyCasino, threw their weight behind the company. This collaboration was massive and created opportunities that expanded their player based across the world.

The company continued on an impressive path using state-of-the-art technologies to service millions across the world. Gambling and gaming on Evolution were likened to playing a live casino game in Las Vegas. They achieved this through premium quality gaming products and affordable operational costs.

Far and large, Evolution Gaming has covered all the nooks and crannies of live online games. Today, they are partnered with successful gambling names in Europe like 888 and Paddy Power and more.

Tips on Why Casino Games Live are Successful in Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming’s combination of creativity, theme, quality, and ease of play attracts players to its platform, and caution is the key to online success. Some tips that will take you far are-

Device Compatibility

To be able to play live casino games on the game, your mobile device must be compatible with the software. Luckily for players, all Evolution Gaming solution is optimized for mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, and works with iOS and Android systems too.

Casino Games Available

It can be disheartening when a gaming platform lists a barrage of exciting games only for the games to be under construction or coming soon. With Evolution Gaming, you will not have such problems when playing with BBD

The platform has 40 original online games, 700 tables, and a daily broadcast of all their live casinos, including Sic Bo, Dream Catcher, Blackjack, Deal Live, and more.

The Software and Platform are Trusted and Secure

Downloading or leaving your personal information on any online site is risky, especially on a gambling one. Evolution Gaming is a certified and licensed gambling and gaming platform that is permitted to operate not only in Asia but in many other countries in the world. Today, they have their roots in Europe, the UK, and North America. So you can be sure that you are gambling on a trusted, secure, and safe platform.

Game Quality

If you have been following Evolution Gaming since inception, they have created more tables. This includes better and experienced dealers in a well-designed studio with great visuals, videos, graphics, and sound systems.

Language Options

As their gambling territories expanded, so did the players, and to ensure the language was never a barrier, Evolution Gaming did the needful. They have included other lingos to ease the communication and navigation process on their site.

Registration process

You can visit their site and take a tour, but you are not allowed access to tables or to play without proper registration. This is part of the security measures in place to ensure the site is safe for all players. It also enables the team to track the efficiency of their platform and to give other players freedom without pressure.

Finally, as with any gambling site, Evolution Gaming is all about responsible and safe gambling. Do not borrow money to gamble, know when you are obsessing, and keep your information safe.

Playing Against Live Dealers on Evolution Gaming

Thanks to the many gaming sites, including Evolution Gaming, players can play against dealers from anywhere. These dealers are your mouth and hand on the board. They will follow any instructions given to ensure you win in a game.

Some Casino Games on Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a new game on the platform and takes inspiration from another of its games, The Dream Catcher. This is spin the wheel games with 54 segments where players can win money or prizes as the case may be. The game has four bonuses and a multiplier for high wins.

Live Roulette

This fast pace live game comes in different variants on the platform. Players can choose any type and table to which they are added immediately. In this category, you can play European, French, or American roulette with other exciting variations for amazing wins.


This is another fast and exciting live game on Evolution plus. The site has about 7 different types; including one that you can enjoy with your friends and a personal table or the Infinite blackjack that continue until you are worn out. The game is fast and perfectly optimized for smartphones with a selection of tables, as you desire. As with every blackjack, there is a standard seat of 7 and players try to get close to 21 to beat the dealer and game.

Casino Hold’em

This is another exciting live casino and popular game that offers a thrilling set with the dealers. The game follows the same rules and regulations as the Texas Hold’em, and the aim is to get five-card poker using two hold cards with 5 community cards from a standard deck of cards. The game is fun, and you can easily master the tricks by watching others play.

Evolution Gaming has changed the live casino scene. It is pulling out all the stops and giving gambling enthusiasts something to do with their spare time. Do not settle for second class live action when you can play on Evolution Gaming.